Supervisor, Facilities Management

This is a full time benefited position. Starting salary: $75,271+DOE
As the Supervisor, Facilities Management you will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Facilities Management Engineers, promoting Service, Teamwork, and Safety in every interaction. Assures constant accreditation survey readiness. Oversees the Building Management System (BMS) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
Assures constant accreditation survey readiness by maintaining accurate equipment inventories and completion of regulatory PMs on time, including oversight of all maintenance contractors to include selection, work quality inspection, review of inspection / test reports, and immediate repair of hospital essential systems as necessary.
Oversees the incorporation of new buildings, equipment and utility systems into the Building Management System (BMS) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for the effective use of staff resources.
Develops the work force to operate and maintain building systems, BMS and CMMS Systems, Emergency Management Response, and trains staff on building systems until competency and effective operations are achieved and maintained.
Assures that TFHS customers are provided adequate services utilizing department software program and schedules periodic follow up meetings on service requests with the goal to provide "remarkable" service to our customers.
Assures that all Engineers provide service in each and every customer interaction.
Assures that all Engineers are building a teamwork environment in every interaction within Facilities Management Department and all other TFHS departments.
Promotes excellence in job performance by Engineers to insure work is done right the first time, on time, every time, while being accountable and responsible.
Promotes understanding in job performance by Engineers to include awareness of others' concerns, as well as caring for and respecting others.
Oversees and Assures completion of all regulatory requirements to include on-time completion of regulatory PM's by Facilities Management staff.
Works with the Facilities Admin Coordinator to insure scheduled work is assigned and completed within regulatory designated time frames.
Works with EOC Coordinator to insure all regulatory required documentation is included in accreditation binders.
Works with contract vendors to oversee and insure completion of all regulatory requirements to include on-time completion of all tests, inspections and repairs of TFHS equipment and systems. This includes the review of all service reports and coordination of any needed action with the Facilities Director and contract vendor.
Conducts or delegates annual inventory, updates inventory in computer-based program e and assures annual and as-needed staff training on hazardous materials within Facilities Management department.
Assures all equipment maintenance is included in the CMMS and regulatory PMs performed within allotted time frames.
Determines whether repair or replacement is necessary; applies most cost effective measures; responds promptly to emergency situations and Assures work is performed in a professional manner.
Writes, reviews and adjusts preventative maintenance procedures to reflect current need and condition based on regulatory requirements, manufacturer recommendation and field observation. Performs this function in collaboration with Facilities Director, Facilities Admin / EOC Coordinators and Facilities staff.
Performs daily rounds or designates Facilities Engineer to complete. Utilizes and modifies information provided by the BMS to minimize time required to complete daily rounds.
Identifies and inventories all equipment and components of each utility system and maintains current utility building plans for trouble shooting problems and training staff for emergency response. Utilizes the BMS to provide electronic status and efficient operation of included utility systems.
Assures efficient and adequate water treatment program for all hospital, steam, heating and cooling systems.
Assures scheduled Fire Drills are conducted competently by Facilities staff and all hospital staff are properly trained to respond to a Code Red event.
Assures Fire Watch is performed as required by fire code requirements during fire alarm or fire sprinkler down time of more than 4 hours within a 24 hour period.
Assures Facilities staff complete required ILSM Daily Checklists during periods of construction as assigned, to include reporting of unsatisfactory conditions found in the construction area.
Assures testing and inspection of emergency lights, exit signs, fire extinguishers and hoses are per fire code regulations.
Assures the medical equipment procedures are followed by Facilities staff on check-in and forwarded to Facilities Admin Coordinator for inclusion in the Medical Equipment Management Plan.
Works with contract Bio-med vendor to insure inventories are current, assists with locating equipment not found, and equipment repairs are completed effectively to minimize down time period.
Works with Material Management Director to efficiently track loaner equipment.
Assures Facilities staff know how to provide initial need for hospital security during an emergency event.
Participates in hiring, evaluating and discipline of staff. Completes work schedules and ADP payroll.
Assures work shop areas are clean, orderly, and safe utilizing scheduled clean-up events.
Communicates with Facilities Director regarding employee counseling on departmental issues/problems.
Acts as a resource to Facilities staff in identifying problems and problem resolution utilizing Just Culture.
Follows established policies and procedures concerning infection control when performing maintenance services per ICRA Policy.
Uses personal protective equipment as appropriate.
Complies with System policies and procedures.
Other duties as assigned.
Associate's degree (A.A.) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school required. Preferred BA degree in Mechanical Engineering, Construction Management, Industrial Engineering or any type of Engineering degree that covers multiple disciplines in Physical Plant management such as mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, safety, etc. Preferred experience in Healthcare Facilities Management to include regulatory requirements for the Environment of Care.
Required: Driver's license in good standing
OTHER EXPERIENCE/Qualifications:
Requires experience with Building Management System (BMS) and Computerized Maintenance Management Software Systems (CMMS). Preferred Schneider Electric BMS and eMaint CMMS.

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